Are you 6 Star Ready?

What is 6 Star?

On 1 May 2011, all new homes, home renovations, alterations and additions will need to comply with a 6 Star Standard when it comes into effect in the Building Code of Australia.

The 6 Standard applies to the thermal performance of a home, renovation or addition; plus the installation of either a solar hot water system or a rainwater tank for toilet flushing.

Some simple building work, not requiring a building permit, will not be affected by the new regulations. However all new homes and building projects, involving home extensions and major renovations, will need to comply with 6 Star.

A 6 Star energy efficiency rating applies to your home's building envelope - its roof, walls, floor and windows.

6 Star requirements include efficiency standards for lighting but not plug in appliances.

Meeting 6 Star compliance is not difficult it's about good design, particularly at the planning stages. So talk to the professionals at Albany Insulation early to take advantage of the benefits, such as increased comfort, saving money on energy bills and making your home more resilient to climate change.

6 Star homes are projected to use 24 per cent less energy through heating and cooling compared to 5 Star homes. This is only an average saving. Residents who use their energy features in their home wisely will save even more.

If you are intending to build, renovate or extend your home or re-locate an existing home after 1 May 2011, the design of your new home, extension or renovation will need to take account of the new 6 Star Standard. Your building designer will be able to advise you on how to best achieve this.

The energy efficiency criteria for both Residential and commercial buildings were upgraded in the 2010 BCA. Residential buildings moved from 5 stars to 6 stars and Commercial buildings have increased insulation requirements and stricter glazing controls.

What does this mean for you?

Residential Energy Ratings:

  • Increased Wall Ceiling and Floor insulation - Dependant on climate zone.
  • There is an all round increase in the required R values for all elements of the building fabric.
  • Roof and ceiling insulation required is now affected by the colour of the roof; the darker the roof the more insulation is required.
  • There is also a concession given for ventilated roofs in zones 1-5.

Energy Rating - You get a star rating ranging from 0 stars through to 10, 10 being the best. Soon 6 stars will be required to comply with the energy efficiency requirements.

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